Our Services

  • Dry Cleaning

  • Specialized Shirt Service

  • Laundry & Linen Service

  • Service Wash (Wash, Dry & Fold)

  • Alterations & Repair

  • Shoe Repairs

  • Bridal Wear

  • Leathers & Suedes

Dry Cleaning

We provide high quality dry cleaning in London. Our experienced staffs examine each and every garment and do pre-spots on stains as first step on the cleaning process. We use special stain removal chemicals to remove stains. Different stains require different treatments, which stain removal technicians are trained to administer.

We dry-clean from delicate garments like Designer Indian wears to Curtains and wedding dresses. We use EcoSolv which is one of the finest and Nature Friendly chemicals used in the Dry Cleaning process. The chemical used in the process are totally bio-degradable and leaves your garments looking and feeling new!


Specialized Shirt Service

We have one of the finest shirt machines from Japan which gives a crisp quality finish and adds brightness to yours shirts. Collars and the Cuffs are pressed on a special machine which ensures that they look new.

The conventional shirt service is done by washing, drying in a tumble dryer and pressing by a steam iron. The drying process generates fluff that is drawn out from the shirts, thus reducing the texture and the quality of the fabric. In the process used at Aqua Clean, the shirt goes wet on-to the machine and dried while being pressed. This preserves the fabric texture and the quality of your shirts.


Laundry & Linen Service

We provide high quality wash & press and Linen service. Our Linen Roller produces a crisp quality sheets. Your clothes are returned ready to wear and your bedding ready to make the bed.


Service Wash (Wash, Dry & Fold)

We provide a laundry service that saves your valuable time and a means to manage your busy lifestyle. Dry & Fold service provides you an easy option clear your laundry baskets and travel bags without hassle. We will wash, dry and fold them for you.


Alterations & Repair

We have an in-house tailor who can attend to all your alteration and repair needs. Provide the exact measurements with clear instructions, we will get the job done for you. For shortening of trousers, please provide the inside-leg measurement.


Shoe Repairs

We offer a full service for yours shoes and boots. We do heel and sole replacements.


Bridal Wear

Wedding day is one of the most special days in your life and the wedding dress is sure to have sentimental values for many years to come. We take great pride in helping you to preserve your special memories.


Leathers & Suedes

We provide specialised cleaning service for Leathers and Suedes. While some of the Leather and Suede items can be cleaned on site, we send most of them to one of the top leather specialists in London who focus only on cleaning Leather and Suedes.


Our mission is to to consistently provide a convenient and professional online dry cleaning and Laundering service to London and contribute to Green Britain by using nature friendly chemicals in the cleaning process.